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Chemical Management Program

Our Chemical Management Program is designed for your environmental, safety, purchasing and maintenance departments to function together :

- Does your facility have redundant maintenance chemicals through the facility? ;

-Do you have complete control over these maintenance products entering your facility from purchasing, integrated suppliers, maintenance supervisors, credit card purchases, etc? ;

-What is your program for maintaining updated Material Safety Data Sheets? Are you 100% sure that you have the most recent MSDS for the various manufactures that supply your vendors? ;

- Do you have a complete listing of every chemical that your employees use and have on site?;

- Does your “Hazardous Communication Program” include the specific health and physical hazards for each maintenance product that you company uses? Are you looking for additional training for these products that you consume?

-Are you looking to reduce and/or eliminate the hazardous waste streams that are generated from the type of products listed under RCRA?

-How would you like to ease the burden of SARA title 313 reporting requirements on your maintenance consumables?

-Are your vendors experts in the chemical maintenance business?

We can help, our customers include Fortune 500 companies to small businesses!

For more information on our “Specialty Chemical Management Program” please click here.

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