U.S. Choice 55 gal drum

SKU: U.S. ChoiceA

A very heavy-duty food grade foaming cleaner that strips grease, fats and oils. An usual blend of high foam surfactants, potassium hydroxide, monoethanolamine and soil suspending agents that combine to remove carbon soils, heavy grease build-up in smokehouses, meat and poultry processing plants, supermarket meat departments, seafood processors and institutional kitchens and most food industry applications. Apply with a sprayer, pressure washer, steam cleaner or foam applicator for maximum efficiency on vertical surfaces. This material contains no sodium alkaline builders such as Sodium Hydroxide or Sodium Metasilicate making it exceptionally easy to rinse. Not recommended for manual washing or for use on aluminum or galvanized surfaces. Allow to cling to stainless and hard metal surfaces for a few minutes, then rinse with HOT water for optimum results. Dilution rates will vary with surface and soil load, however, start at 4 ounces per gallons and adjust as necessary.


This product is hazardous accordingly to DOT regulations, hazardous shipping charges will apply to your order.

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